SAE 90 oil is characterized by its viscosity and is presented as a versatile and specialized lubricant that offers unique benefits for vehicles and machinery. 

Transmissions and differentials

SAE 90 oil has a medium viscosity grade and is a single grade oil for transmissions that don’t require a multigrade oil. It is an oil with stable performance both in the city and on the highway since it secures and protects each axle thanks to the film it forms with its lubrication.

Classic and vintage vehicles 

In certain classic vehicle models, especially those that originally required this type of oil, SAE 90 may be the most appropriate choice to preserve the integrity of the mechanical components and provide the necessary lubrication for these specific transmissions and systems.  

This type of oil has a high resistance to aging and good anti-wear properties, which extends the transmission’s lifespan. It also has an interesting characteristic, which is that its powerful lubrication helps to eliminate noise that can be generated by friction from the components.

Extreme and high stress conditions 

When vehicles are exposed to high-load conditions, such as heavy towing or uneven terrain, SAE 90 oil may be the ideal option, as its viscosity provides more robust protection, reducing friction and wear and tear on moving parts, ensuring optimal performance in demanding situations. 

This single-grade Extreme Pressure lubricating oil is recommended for use in differentials, rear axles or in hypoid and helical transmission groups, as well as gearboxes and other gears that work highly severe working conditions. In this sense, it stands out for its excellent anti-rust and anti-foam properties, helping to protect machinery against corrosion.

It is also used in certain industrial and agricultural equipment, especially those that operate in extreme work environments, as the SAE 90 oil has a a great capacity to withstand loads and momentary high temperatures, making it one of the most used lubricants.  

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