Elite Range

Designed for vehicles requiring manufacturer approval

High-quality synthetic lubricants designed for vehicles requiring approvals from
vehicle manufacturers, especially European ones.

Main Features

In order to offer you the best products suitable for your needs, we’ve restructured our passenger car oil portfolio.

Low saps

Maximum Protection

Fuel Economy

Multi Vehicle

Learn in detail about the Rider range’s performance.

Elite Range


Synthetic lubricant oil developed for use in modern petrol or diesel car engines. Its synthetic components provide it with high chemical stability and together with its extraordinary performance allow for longer oil change intervals. Due to its low viscosity, facilitates cold start-up, cares for hydraulic tappets and subsequently maintains perfect lubrication at any temperature. Its thermal stability also means that it takes longer than a conventional oil under normal conditions of use. 


Designed based on the experience of Repsols racing teams, this fully synthetic oil can cope with the highest demands to which racing engines are subjected. That is why it is recommended as the best choice for the most advanced and demanding car engines on the market, such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, among other, makes, which include it among their most recommended products. A lubricant synonymous with Repsols success on the race track.


Synthetic lubricant, especially designed to get the high performance required by high-end vehicle engines. This lubricant stands out for its specific Long-Life properties and wear protection. Its viscosity and the use of most advanced components provide exceptional deposit control to large capacity engine. Suitable for cars without DPF system.