Net zero emissions by 2050

Our path towards decarbonization

In line with the Paris Agreement, we have laid out a demanding roadmap with
specific targets.

Developed and tested by the best team of professionals in the most demanding environment – MOTO GP.

Formulated using the most cutting-edge technology. These lubricants bring you top performance in protection and efficiency having been endorsed by the major manufacturers.

We developed the most versatile heavy-duty lubricants range on the market. A single brand featuring products for different purposes designed to give power to professionals.

Two product ranges designed to meet the specific needs of your vehicle. With our oils, you will achieve maximum performance for gearboxes and differentials for your vehicle.

Complete range of lubricants to overcome the technical challenges posed by a wide variety of industrial applications.

Wide range of high-quality marine lubricants for 2-stroke and 4-stroke technology propulsion engines.

Leading the Energy Transition

Everything we learn in top-level competition is then applied to the lubricants you use every day.
Protecting your engine to guarantee top performance and efficiency.

Repsol Technology Lab

Lubricants are essential for maintaining engines in optimal condition. That’s why our scientists from the Lubricants Laboratory at the Repsol Technology Lab research, test, analyze, and create substances that protect the environment.