Leader Range

Formulated for vehicles that demand international quality standards

Highest API and ACEA qualities lubricants designed for vehicles requiring the
quality recommended by international bodies

  • It includes products such as NEO, with the highest quality API for gasoline engines, as well as ACEA products, valid for gasoline and diesel engines.

Main Features

In order to offer you the best products suitable for your needs, we’ve restructured our motorcycle oil portfolio.

Auto Gas

Low saps

Learn in detail about the Rider range’s performance.

Elite Range

LEADER A3/B4 XT1 10W-40

Multi-grade lubricating oil that combines synthetic components with very high quality minerals for use in engines of cars and light commercial vehicles. It combines high resistance to oxidation to optimise the change period, and a viscosity which facilitates vehicle starting, thus reducing wear.

LEADER NEO 0W-20/5W-30/10W-30/10W-40

Synthetic lubricant with 3E Technology formulation, designed to offer the best protection of the engine without compromising on high efficiency. Oil for petrol vehicles which, thanks to its low viscosity, provides fuel economy under normal driving conditions, leading to lower CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and therefore reduced environmental impact.


Synthetic blend multigrade lubricant oil recommended for petrol and diesel car engines, whether equipped with a catalyst or not. Its main characteristics include its resistance to shearing. It provides excellent service on the road, motorway and in the city. ELITE SUPER 20W-50 meets the demands of the main car manufacturers, and in addition to having the right viscosity to work at high temperatures, it is characterized by its low consumption and good detergent and dispersant properties.

LEADER C2 C3 5W-30

Synthetic lubricant for passenger cars from most automotive manufacturers. The product is compatible with vehicles fitted with diesel particle filters (DPF). Its reduced ash content formula makes it suitable for exhaust after-treatment technologies, contributing to the conservation of the environment by reducing the emission of harmful particles. Favours reduced fuel consumption under normal driving conditions. Consequently, it contributes to decreasing CO2 emissions and helps conserve the environment.


Synthetic lubricant for most car manufacturers light petrol and diesel engines. This product is compatible with vehicles equipped with a DPF. Its reduced ash content formula (Mid SAPS) makes it suitable for exhaust gas post-treatment technologies, while at the same time contributing to preserving the environment by minimizing harmful particle emissions.