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We are introducing three new product ranges that make it easier to choose the most suitable oil for your motorcycle and
a new range of maintenance products.

Top quality lubricants to meet
the most demanding standards for your motorcycles

Our technology is born the Repsol Technology Lab, and put to the test by our team of champions, in the most demanding competition in the world. Thanks to this, we are able to develop high performing lubricants that extend the life of your engine and guarantee a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Action Series

Formulated using the most cutting-edge technology for the most demanding engines. These lubricants bring you top performance in terms of protection and efficiency and have been endorsed by the major manufacturers.

Global Series

Repsol lubricants are the best choice for your motorcycle. Tested in top-level competition, they guarantee the best performance and protection for your engine, offering the best performance and the highest level of efficiency.