In the lubricant industry, where excellence and performance are key, at Repsol we are taking another step towards the future of innovation.

With around 400 manufactured products intended for various applications, from automobiles to industrial machinery, we have developed a formulation optimization application with the aim of guaranteeing the optimal formula in terms of technical and operational feasibility and market competitiveness.

This new technology not only ensures top quality and performance from our products, but also analyzes the industrial complexity involved in responding to any lubrication need, as well as operational investments.

Technical Feasibility

The automotive, industrial, and marine sectors are evolving rapidly, demanding lubricants that not only meet but exceed quality standards. In this context, the “Lubricant Formulation Optimizer” evaluates the technical feasibility of each formula, ensuring that it is at the forefront of the latest technology, adapting to the changing demands of modern engines.

Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is a key feature of Repsol Lubricants, and this application helps redefine production processes, fine-tuning each step, from selecting raw materials to distributing the final product, for maximum efficiency.

Without a doubt, the technology behind this advance ensures that each product is more than just a lubricant, but also a technical solution and that provides efficient operation.

Competitiveness in The Market (best not to add this part)

In a sector where adapting to change is essential, we are continually developing and improving our formulas to respond to the technical requirements of new engines. This tool is the promise of exceptional performance in every drop of lubricant that bears the Repsol hallmark.

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