In today’s competitive industrial landscape, the longevity, efficiency, and optimization of industrial machinery are essential not only for its successful operational, but also for the economic benefits for customers. Within basic maintenance, the analysis of industrial lubricants in use plays a key role in preventing catastrophic failures that can lead to substantial costs for the end user.  

In this context, Repsol, a leader in quality solutions and developments in lubricating products, offers a wide range of products as part of its portfolio, designed to optimize the performance and extend the useful life of industrial machinery. We analyze some of them in this article. 

MAKER range, the solution for your machinery

Repsol’s MAKER range of industrial lubricants is the result of careful attention to quality and innovation. Inspired by advanced technologies, they provide exceptional protection against tribological wear and tear and optimal performance according to the lubricant’s end performance. 

Within the MAKER range, Repsol has different types of oils, which are carefully designed to enable the highest performance in their industrial application. Below, we describe part of this range:

  • Maker Super Tauro is a line of lubricants, both mineral and synthetic, with optimal extreme pressure performance, developed for the protection of gears, both in gearboxes and boosters. It is ideal for closed systems operating at low speeds and high-load conditions.
  • When the industrial system operates at very high speeds, such as the bearings of a steam, gas or hydraulic turbine, the Maker Aries range (Maker Turbo Aries, Maker Aries Turbo Gas CC, etc.) is ideal for providing extra performance against oxidation and avoiding the presence of varnishes that could generate vibrations in the system. In addition, by passing radioactive exposure tests, they are certified for use in nuclear power plants. 
  • To avoid partial discharges and dampen thermal and electrical failures that happen inside a transformer, either power or distribution, Repsol has its Maker Electra 3 and Maker Tensión Centauro dielectric oils. Both are also available in their inhibited versions, with the aim of providing coverage for electrical equipment worldwide. The biodegradable, non-ecotoxic, and fire-resistant version, Maker Bio Electra, is taking over from the mineral versions, especially in transformers in areas where taking care of the environment plays a key role (natural parks, protected spaces, etc.).
  • In systems with complicated heat exchange operations, due to a lack of space or difficult geographical features to overcome, Repsol has its range of heat transfer fluids: Maker Térmico. Both the mineral version and its synthetic counterpart can operate at temperatures above 300ºC, facilitating industrial heat transfer operations in industrial applications where the boiler cannot be close to the heat exchanger. They are able to work in closed systems with positive pressures of an inert gas, to avoid thermal cracking phenomena. 
  • Hydraulic circuits require oils with high antioxidant properties, excellent filterability, good demulsibility and, above all, optimal protection against corrosion. For this application, Repsol has developed its range of Maker Telex oils. Within this range, there is everything from conventional oils with zinc-based antiwear additives (Maker Telex E, Maker Telex HVLP, etc.) to leading oils with ashless technology (Maker Hydraulic SC, Maker Hidroleo) for systems with severe filtration requirements, such as the servo valves. In both technologies, Repsol has its HVI (high viscosity index) version for systems or machinery subject to sudden changes in temperature, such as those that may be outdoors, in maritime environments or in civil works machinery. 

Ad hoc solutions for the metalworking industry

Repsol’s commitment to quality and technical assistance to industrial customers drives the development of specific products for the metal industry. Designed by highly qualified professionals, who understand the needs of each metal industry, from the initial extraction and subsequent purification of metals, to cutting, polishing, tempering, and protection of parts against corrosion.

Different ranges of Repsol oils for the metal industry cover most of this industry’s current demands: Maker Ibercut, Ibertem, Empatem, and Laminox.

With this broad and specialized portfolio of industrial lubricants, Repsol positions itself as a partner committed to technical teams’ success to enhance their business development worldwide, optimizing and extending the useful life of machinery in the main industrial sectors.

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