Cooling fluids are an essential resource for engines throughout the year and, and when the winter comes and is an added factor, it’s time to make sure you’ve got the right fluid. A quality coolant fluid allows the engine to operate at its optimal temperature, and also helps to care for and protect its most critical components, which is crucial, regardless of the environment.

The formulas of these antifreeze/coolant fluids must guarantee reliable protection, which is why it is important to use specialized products for each engine. In general, it is recommended to look for those that allow for good temperature management and that have a high anti-corrosion capacity to prolong the engine’s useful life.

Choosing the right product is key 

Start by knowing what to look for, it’s important to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Typically, coolants are made up of:

  • Water, which provides cooling capacity, thanks to its high capacity to transmit heat
  • Ethylene glycol, which improves antifreeze capacity and increases the fluid’s boiling point 
  • Additives, which provide anti-corrosion and anti-foaming capacity, and many other important characteristics.

Coolant fluid additives come in many different types. They can be organic additives, organic with silicates (Si-OAT), organic with silicates and phosphates (PSi-OAT), among others, each with their own different properties.  

Meanwhile, it’s essential to use the correct dilution depending on the weather conditions and also to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations at all times. Repsol coolants are available in different dilutions: 30%, 42%, 50% or pure, which must always be diluted to the right concentration for the vehicle. If in doubt, you can always ask a specialist for advice on choosing the right product for your engine.

Repsol’s Guard range is especially suitable for cars, trucks and buses. However, you may be surprised to find that it’s also perfect for other types of engines, such as agricultural machinery and motorcycles. 

They’re also important for electric vehicles

Thermal management in an electric vehicle is even more important than in traditional internal combustion engines.  

Here it’s important to look for a product that is specially designed for the indirect battery cooling, inverters, and electric motors, with good electrical properties, that allows for excellent heat transmission and is compatible with joints, seals, and paints, and with metals and alloys present in cooling circuits.

Battery cooling is a critical part of the operation of an electric vehicle. Lithium ion batteries produce electricity through chemical reactions that are highly sensitive to temperature while the flow of electricity produces heat. As a result, if the temperature is too low, chemical reactions will be very slow and the battery’s ability to produce electricity will be affected. Whereas if the temperature is too high, chemical reactions may get out of control, the temperature may rise too high, and there could be a catastrophic failure.

Again, it’s best to consult a specialist at your trusted garage, but we hope that this will help you when looking for the best coolant antifreeze for your engine.

Each vehicle’s engine is unique, but they all need basic maintenance and a good cooling fluid is a must to guarantee its optimal performance and avoid any breakdowns.

Investing in a good product only require a small investment but it will help you optimize your vehicle’s useful life and improve its operation significantly. 

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