Feel the difference using our top tier CI-4 REPSOL THPD MLX 15W-40 product for heavy duty applications.

Top High-Performance Diesel (THPD) lubricant is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding EURO 4 diesel engines. It exceeds traditional performance levels thanks to its highly refined base oils and balanced additives, promoting extended engine life. A product specifically designed for the last generation of vehicles that requires API CI-4 performance lubricants, it is especially suitable for those that must comply with EURO 4 and EURO 3 standards according to manufacturer’s specifications. This top high-performance lubricant has been tested in the harshest environment with several field trials to demonstrate the benefit of using Repsol technology.

  • 40% better protection. Repsol THPD has performed excellently in terms of wear control. By ensuring the right performance in the engine and providing the proper lubrication in bearings and in cylinder liners we have tested that the lubricant is able to reduce cylinder liner wear by 40%, more than maximum allowed by API Standard in Mack T12 engine test.
  • 55% lower piston deposits. THPD is able to maintain a high cleanliness standard in the piston and combustion chamber. It is the key to avoid sticking and engine seizure. This balanced formulation to reach outstanding cleanliness performance has shown 55% better results than the API limit in OM501LA – Piston Cleanliness test.
  • 90% better sludge control than normal CI-4. Repsol THPD has shown superior oxidation stability, low sludge formation and responsive contact to all engine parts. Its ability to keep the same viscosity along its service life, it can extend oil drain intervals and prolong engine life. The oil has shown about 90% better result than maximum API CI-4 limit in the Cummins ISM test – Filter Pressure drop.

Key lubricant to deal with latest generation of diesel engines in Heavy Duty industries:

Lower emission regulations, higher power output in the engines and higher pressures in the fuel injectors are creating a very challenging environment for the engine oil. More efficient engine means tighter designs with smaller lubricant sump, resulting in smaller volume of oil to protect and lubricate the whole engine. Because of higher compression ratios to increase the efficiency of the engine, piston rings are located higher on the piston bringing the oil film closer to the combustion chamber where it is hotter. Increased fuel injector pressure also increases engine operating temperatures and soot content. Repsol Diesel Turbo THPD MLX 15W40 is formulated using highly refined base oils and balanced additive content to provide optimum engine performance in modern to old diesel engines. This combination provides outstanding resistance to oxidation, rust, corrosion and superior control of oil thickening and deposits due to soot build-up and high operating temperatures.



WHAT: Field trials in China, completed to test the suitability of two candidate formulas. Two competing products were used for reference


  • Qingling/wuyi – Mountainous
  • Yuangui – Highlands
  • Chengkun – Highway
  • Qilian – Mountainous
  • Turpan – Desert

LOADING CHALLENGES: 35%-50% overload.


Sichuan: Wet/Cold       Yunnan: Wet/Hot                       West: Dry                        South: Rainy


It was a very broad-based study where Repsol has considered and negated the different driving conditions. Repsol technology came first in all the criteria measured.

Extremely good viscosity retention:

Repsol product stays in grade throughout the whole oil drain interval, providing lasting protection for engines.

At 50,000km, the used oil analysis showed Repsol oil performing up to 80% better than our competitors in terms of viscosity variation. Competitor samples in the last sample taken at 50,000 km ODI, suffered oil degradation resulting in an increase in oil viscosity. Repsol oils have shown stable performance throughout the field trial.


Extremely good oxidation and nitration resistance:

With test results at under 10 A/cm (extremely low for the test mileage), Repsol technology performed well within the typical range of 30 to 50 units that is usually observed in used oils during field trials. This offers strong evidence of its ability to prolong the life of the engine oil by minimizing sludge and varnish formation which tend to cause engine sticking and seizure.

The result shows that Repsol technology can deal with low quality high Sulphur fuels neutralizing the acids generated in the combustion chamber with an outstanding TBN retention even at 50,000 km. It is also the most suitable candidate to lubricate an engine running with Biodiesel to keep it protected against wear and rust.

Excellent wear control:

Using ADOC used oil analysis results, we noticed that Repsol products have 50% lesser wear metals present than in competitor products. This indicates good wear protection for the engine.

Excellent TBN retention:

Impressive results throughout the field trial proved that the TBN retention capabilities of Repsol technology starts higher and remain higher than competitors’ products.

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