Repsol has the right lubricant solution for you. Specially designed turbine portfolio to provide enhanced protection, minimizing downtime, extending oil life and improving the efficiency in your plant


More than 100 tons of steel, rotating at 3600 rpm, is supported by plain bearings on a cushion of oil that is thinner than a human hair. When selecting a turbine oil for steam or gas turbines, oil supplier services and commitment to the customer should be evaluated as part of the selection process. All the enhanced features in Repsol products have been tested in our Tech Lab research center in Spain, developing in-house antioxidant and Varnish and Sludge test even tougher than OEM specifications to demonstrate our capabilities beyond normal conditions. The most critical parameters have been evaluated to provide the expected performance desired in such a critical oil.


When choosing Repsol as your partner, we will offer you the whole package to take care of the turbine lubricated with our oil. To ensure reliability, safety, longevity and productivity, you need to be certain that the critical machinery and equipment at the center of your operations is providing optimum performance. Of course, regular maintenance, and used oil analysis service is essential. To know the condition of the used oil can play a central role. It gives vital clues as to what is happening inside your equipment and machinery, providing early warnings of any potential problems and minimizing the risk of damage and unplanned downtime. Oil analysis is a routine activity for analyzing oil health, oil contamination and machine wear. The purpose of an oil analysis program is to verify that a lubricated machine is operating according to expectations. When an abnormal condition or parameter is identified through oil analysis, immediate actions can be taken to correct the root cause or to mitigate a developing failure. Repsol is willing to offer you this used oil analysis included in our offer. Our reports will help you to identify potential problems and will allow you the possibility of trouble shooting in a preventive way.

Technology developed in Tech Lab and already proven in the field. More than XXX customers in Europe using our turbine lubricants are the best guarantee for you to trust on our strengths.

To meet the challenges of a wide range of equipment designs and applications, Repsol has designed a portfolio of oils that enables you to choose a product to match your technical and operational needs. Repsol has their portfolio split based on two critical parameters:

  • Antioxidant capability: From main tier products with a reliable performance to lubricate steam turbines and medium duty gas turbines to premium tier synthetic GIII products to lubricate gas turbines with higher running temperatures solving varnish and sludge buildup.
  • Extreme Pressure performance: Non-EP products for turbines working with light-loads and products with EP features for geared turbines with load requirements.

To use underqualified lubricants in a turbine is as dangerous as use overqualified products. When you improve one parameter in the formulation of a new oil using a new chemistry, this new chemistry might have some drawbacks in many other important features. That´s why Repsol has developed the complete portfolio for turbine oils covering most of the technical specs issued by the OEM´s.

During the last few years Repsol has been investing time and resources working in new chemistries to reach the desired performance formulating turbine oils with GII and GIII hydrotreated base oil stocks.


High temperature always means risk of oxidation by-products may appear in the oil. Besides the extended life GII and GIII base oils can offer us, Repsol had been working close to our customers to solve Varnish and Sludge build-up in the system when using highly refined base oils. Repsol has developed new technologies gathering the antioxidant superiority of GII and GIII and the varnish and sludge build-up control of the GI base oils improving parameters like solvency.

Keep the system free of Varnish and Sludge using REPSOL TURBOGAS CC product is the key to reduce maintenance cost and to improve the efficiency in your plant. Repsol carried out a full battery of bench test to evaluate different additive technologies in combination with different base oils. MAN L-TAT test developed by MAN was the chosen test to probe REPSOL TURBOGAS CC capabilities against competitors along 48h at 180ºC. Although most of the competitor products had outstanding results in TOST, not all the technologies reached the expected antioxidant performance. In Repsol we develop the turbine oils taking into consideration all the important properties to minimize the risk in lubricating the heart of your plant.


The power generation industry has seen several changes recently, revised specifications have been issued to ensure fluids meet ever increasing performance demands. Therefore, most of the OEM specifications have been upgraded in order to meet these demands. Higher top tier performance lubricants are required which will provide optimum and reliable performance to increase productivity and reduce downtime. REPSOL has upgraded their TURBO ARIES technology to exceed the required performance requested by the latest OEM specifications. The highest RPVOT in the market in a mineral product with the best RPVOT retention to guarantee the right antioxidant capability along its use. More than 14.000 hours reached in the toughest bench test to confirm antioxidant capability. More than double stated in the harshest OEM specification for gas turbines. Outstanding results in RPVOT reaching 4,5 times better results than the values requested in GEK specifications for gas turbines without depletion of the additives keeping the same value in RPVOT modified (93% of fresh oil value).\

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