Manual motorcycles:

Manual motorcycles use a wet clutch, which means there is a single lubrication circuit for the engine, clutch and transmission. This creates a complication since, what works best in the engine (lower friction), would cause the clutch to slip, making the gear shifting unreliable.

To counter this, lubricants for motorcycles with wet clutch are designed with higher friction in mind. The JASO standards regulate this property, and act as reference for all the industry.

Repsol Action Series lubricants, from MXR 5 and above, all meet JASO MA2, which means the gear shifting will be fast and responsive, even when high torque is required.

Matic Cooling Tech

Automatic motorycles (mostly scooters) use continuously variable transmissions (CVT) that are housed separately from the engine. This is referred to as a dry clutch.  Two different lubricants are used for the engine and the gearbox. This means the gear oil will be optimized to achieve the best CVT performance, and the engine oil can be optimized for lower friction. Reducing frictional losses leads to lower operating temperatures in the engine, and higher fuel efficiency.

All Repsol Action series MXR MATIC products come equipped with Matic Cooling Tech, and are the best option for your engine if you have a motorcycle with dry clutch. Use with motorcycle with wet clutch will result in poor performance, though. Always consult your motorcycle’s maintenance.

  • Higher friction coefficient is needed to guarantee good clutch engagement. The more powerful the motorcycle, the higher the friction coefficient should be. Most motorcycles require JASO MA2, which covers the most demanding applications.
  • JASO MA or MA1 is usually recommended for motorcycles with smaller cc. Check, the mlotorcycle maintenance manual to make sure which is the best motorcycle oil for your bike.
  • JASO MB is suitable for motorcycles that have a separate lubrication circuit for gear/clutch and for the engine. The engine oil can be optimized for lower friction. Repsol lubricants come with Matic Cooling Tech, that allows the engine to run cooler and save fuel.

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