Jakarta, August 13, 2020 – In an exclusive event, held today at the Hotel Mulia in Jakarta, the Spanish multi-energy company Repsol launched a new lubricant series with XR- Technology. The products are launched in several Asian countries, with a special focus on the Indonesian market.

In late 2019, Repsol partenered with PT Pacific Lubritama Indonesia (PLI) for the production and distribution of its lubricants in Indonesia. PLI´s plant is also set to become a regional export hub for the Spanish energy company.

Now, less than a year after initiating the new partnership, Repsol is introducing a new range of products, with formulations tailored to best suit the needs of the vehicles in the region.

Attended the event, representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Director General of IKTF Mr Muhammad Khayam, and Director of IKF Mr Adie Rochmanto Pandiangan, and from Indonesian Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources (ESDM), Director of Technical & Environment Migas Mr Adhi Wibowo. Chairman of Aspelindo Mr Andria Nusa also attended the event. All elected Repsol lubricant distributors from all over Indonesia attended the event virtually.

CEO of PLI, Tony Legi said with the new product and technology advancement, PLI is committed to deliver a greater business performance. The advancement is done to improve the sales and distribution system along with the marketing support for all value chains and consumers. Also in this event, PLI GM of Retail Automotive, Deni Wardani congratulated the twenty chosen business partners who will be running the Repsol lubricant distribution throughout Indonesia.

In his keynote speech, Mr Muhammad Khayam congratulates the launching of New Repsol Lubricant series. He hopes PLI-Repsol can transform to be a strategic partner of Indonesia both in improving lubricant industry sector, and contributing R&D of lubricant technology in order to drive real sector of the national economy.

“The XR-Technology is a new technology developed by Repsol in order to exceed the performance requirements of vehicles in Asia Pacific. The high temperatures in tropical countries like Indonesia make it necessary to protect vehicle engines well”, said Head of Product Development of Repsol in Indonesia Victor Gomez Gallego at the event. He added that the excellent performance of Repsol’s lubricants helps keep engine parts clean, trap harmful particulates, and maintain a robust anti-wear film through the addition of anti-wear additives that are designed to form protective films in metal-to-metal contacts under different engine operating conditions.

There are three fundamental features that will be enhanced by XR-Technology:

  1. Wear Protection: a reinforced anti-wear chemistry to reduce the wear in critical areas of the engine.
  1. Engine Cleanliness: to keep soot particles finely dispered in the oil to prevent excessive oil thickening, control sludge build-up, and avoid blockage in the engine parts with stringent tolerances.
  1. Oil durability: improved oxidation control because of highly refined base oils combined with balanced additives.



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