Lubricant oils specially formulated for lubricating machine-tool slideways, both horizontal and vertical. They are formulated from mineral oils obtained from highly refined paraffinic bases having a high viscosity index and latest-generation additives that give it its characteristic adherence, anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-stick-slip properties, facilitating movements and displacements without jumps. Specific oils for highly loaded machine-tool slideways. Due to their special slipperiness and load support characteristics, they can be used in textile machinery
elements, printing machinery elements or industrial machinery elements greased by drip feed lubrication in which it is easy to retain the oil. ISO-32 and 68 grades are used as hydraulic fluids in those systems in which, in addition to the hydraulic circuit, it is also necessary to lubricate the slideways. Adequate for high-precision machine-tools.


  • Excellent performance with sliding parts, even with high loads and low speeds.
  • High resistance to oxidation.
  • Great adherence to metal surfaces.
  • Very good load capacity.

Quality Levels

  •  ISO 6743/4-HG (ISO 32 and 68)
  • DIN 51524, Part 2 HLP: ISO 32 and 68.
  • ISO 6743/13-G.
  • DIN 51517, Part 3 CLP: ISO 220
  • Cincinnati Lamb P-47 (ISO 68), P-50 (ISO 220), P-53 (ISO 32).

Technical Data

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