Lubricant oil made with high quality bases submitted to a stringent refining process and a final hydro-finishing step, to which rust-inhibiting additives are included, and whose rust protection and anti-foaming properties provide the product with excellent lubrication properties and ideal performance during use. Light-coloured, low viscosity oil, designed to meet the maximum quality standards of the equipment used in the textile industry without staining the material. A product with high chemical stability and excellent antioxidant capacities that guarantees long periods of the lubricant’s applicable service life. Special anti-drip characteristics, that prevent the lubricant from splashing and dripping, thus avoiding staining the material that is being woven. Oil recommended for use in all textile industry machines that perform at high velocities and low load: spindles, twisters, needles in knitting machines, etc.


  • High resistance to ageing and sludge
  • Excellent control regarding rubber-making and deposits, that could cause irregular movements and flaws in the needle mechanism.
  • Exceptional anti-wear properties that provide high levels of protection for needles and high-precision parts.
  • Reduced energy consumption, provided by the product’s low viscosity.
  • Special anti-drip properties, avoids splashing and run-off due to its smoothness and grip.
  • Does not stain clothing and is easily removed from fabrics.

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