REPSOL TAURO 220 & 320


Tauro range of products have been developed for applications in industrial gear assemblies with high load requirements and harsh environments. Its careful formulation incorporates the highest quality bases and additives, improving its extreme pressure and anti-rust performance, its anti-foaming capacity and its resistance to oxidation. It is particularly suitable for all kinds of industrial gearboxes, bearings and multipliers, using splash or circulating lubrication.


  • Reduce wear under boundary lubrication conditions and extreme pressure.
  • Excellent thermal stability to avoid sludge and extend drain oil interval.
  • Very good protection against rust, preventing steel corrosion.
  • High de-emulsifying capacity (quick separation from water).
  • Good antifoaming characteristics.
  • Resistance to the rupture of the lubricant film.

Quality Levels

  • DIN 51517 Part 3 CLP
  • ISO – L – CKD
  • AGMA 9005 E02-EP
  • MAG IAS (Ex Cincinnati)

Technical Data

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