Repsol NXR 3 is a versatile, multi-grade lubricant oil formulated with hydrotreated GII base stocks to ensure the performance in inboard diesel engines especially adapted for marine applications for fast-running engines used in marine and leisure sectors. It is most suitable for aspirated or supercharged petrol and diesel engines. This product has been tested in harsh environments and is proven to keep engines clean and protected in different conditions. Outstanding detergent, dispersant and anti-wear properties keep the engine clean and enable effective control of soot, sludge and piston deposits.


  •  High detergent-dispersant level supports engine cleaning, maintains soot in suspension, and avoids deposits on piston rings.
  •  Multi-grade property enhances cold-start performance over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Protects engine from corrosion thanks to its carefully selected additives.
  •  Excellent anti-wear property that aids in minimizing friction.
  • Reduces lubricant consumption.

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