Specifically formulated lubricant with a superior marine additive ashless package to meet the needs of high-horsepower water-cooled outboards engines in extreme marine operating conditions where NMMA TC-W3 quality is required. The proper solution will bring out the cleanest burning, reducing carbon build-up in the exhaust system and superior lubrication. This oil will provide the proper performance in pre-mix or oil-injected 2-cycle applications. Adequate protection against the corrosion and rust in the engine without any contribution in the pre-ignition and spark plug fouling thanks to their ashless technology. It is recommended and meets the requirements of all major outboard engine manufacturers such as Chrysler, Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, Mariner, U.S. Marine/Force, Sears, OMC, Suzuki, Yamaha, Nissan, or wherever NMMA TC-W3 or TC-W oils may be required.


  • Increased lubricating power that reduces wear, extending the engine’s life span.
  • Minimizes the formation of deposits, keeping the exhaust ports clean.
  • Reduces spark plug sweating and prevents the piston rings from sticking thanks to the ashless technology used.
  • Strongly recommended in sea applications thanks to the anti-rust performance.

Quality Levels

  • NMMA TC-W3

Technical Data

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