REPSOL MOTO RACING 4T 5W-30 Limited Edition


It is the ideal synthetic oil lubricant oil for very high performance 4-stroke engines. Its formula ensures
maximum protection for all engine components, with special emphasis on the clutch and gearbox. Its
efficiency is reflected in the very low friction experienced by the engine’s components, whilst always
maintaining maximum power. The results have been proven with race-ready and standard motorcycles at the
highest levels of national and international competition whilst performing in extreme conditions. It performs
equally well on the road and on the racetrack.


• Longer oil change periods thanks to its high resistance to oxidation.
• The synthetic bases and additives used minimise wear, maintaining a resistant lubricating
film during the entire period of use of the oil, guaranteeing longer durability of the engine.
• Up to 30% less oil consumption than other competing brands, thanks to the low volatility of its components.
• Perfect control of the sliding of the clutch discs and protection of the gearbox in the joint
lubrication systems of the engine and wet clutch. Tests carried out with professional drivers
have highlighted the easy gear changes and smoother and quieter handling.

Quality levels

• JASO T 903:2016 MA2