Merak VDL range of products has been developed to reach the right lubricant performance in most of air compressors including screw air compressors where the lubrication is a real challenge. Its extraordinary high-quality base oils and the additives selected increase its oxidation resistance thus ensuring good protection against corrosion and wear along the compressor unit. The lubricant also helps to cool down the system very efficiently which prevents overheating and reducing possible premature degradation of the oil. Thanks to its ashless additive technology, this lubricant performs extremely good in exhaust valve lubrication, avoiding sticking due to electric shocks deposits. It has the highest RPVOT in the market for GII technology thereby pushes the limit to 6000 running hours in the most demanding screw air compressors.


  • Resistance to oxidation, ageing and deposit formation.
  • Excellent rust resistance.
  • Exceptional antifoaming and air release capacity to avoid cavitation and to easy the pumpability.
  • High load capacity to prevent wear in the compressor chamber.
  • Easy Water Split from lubricant if there is a pollution.
  • Permits water to readily separate from the oil in the system reservoir
  • Its Lower volatility means less oil contamination of compressed air, greater demister efficiency and reduced oil consumption.

Quality Levels

  • DIN 51506-VDL and VCL ISO 46, 68 y 100
  • ISO 6743/3 DAA, DAG
  • Certified results for OIL-TECH ref Al-34877

Technical Data

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