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Repsol MXR Plus is the most suitable semi synthetic lubricant oil for modern 4-stroke engines. It provides maximum protection for medium and high cylinder capacity engines with one, two, three or four cylinders, and ensures the care of all its components and the proper lubrication of wet clutches. It is widely regarded as a lubricant that boosts the throttle response.


  • Multigrade oil with excellent thermal stability due to its carefully chosen synthetic-blend formulation.
  • Its viscometric properties promote the smooth starting of the engine in cold environment and ensure good lubrication at any temperature.
  • It has high detergency and dispersant power, keeping all parts of the engine clean.
  • Provides good friction on clutch discs, preventing slippages and premature wear in joint engine and transmission (wet clutch) lubrication systems

Quality Levels

  • API SN
  • JASO T 903:2011 MB

Technical Data

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