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Repsol MXR Platinum is a top tier, fully synthetic lubricant oil for modern 4-stroke engines. It provides maximum protection for medium and high cylinder capacity engines with one, two, three or even four cylinders. The lubricant ensures maximum care to the engine components, while ensuring optimum clutch performance. It provides the ultimate boost, achieving immediate response from the engine.


  • Multigrade oil with excellent thermal stability thanks to its fully synthetic formula.
  • Thanks to its viscometric properties, it enhances the engine’s cold start performance. It also provides adequate lubrication over a wider range of temperatures.
  • Its high detergent-dispersant level supports engine cleaning, maintains soot in suspension, and prevents piston deposit formation.
  • Provides adequate friction on clutch discs, preventing slippages and premature wear in joint engine and transmission (wet clutch) lubrication systems

Quality Levels

  • API SN
  • JASO T 903:2016 MA2

Technical Data

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