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Repsol MXR 5 is a lubricant oil suitable for low, medium and high cylinder capacity 4-stroke engines. Due to its special composition, Repsol Moto Rider is particularly apt for riding long distances without performance loss or premature wear of different engine components. Furthermore, given the oil’s special viscosity, it is ideal for making long journeys, as motorists do not have to monitor constantly consumption levels.


  • Its viscosity makes it especially suitable for high revved, large cylinder engines.
  • Its detergent and dispersant power ensures excellent cleanliness in all engine parts.
  • Provides good friction on clutch discs, preventing slippage and premature wear in joint engine and transmission lubrication systems (wet clutch).

Quality Levels

  • API SL
  • JASO T 903:2016 MA2

Technical Data

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