Multigrade lubricant oil formulated with the most hydrotreated GII base oil stocks, suitable for aspirated or supercharged petrol and diesel engines, even when working in severe conditions and high temperatures. The excellent quality of MIXFLEET makes it versatile and very well suited for use in professional and passenger transport fleets, earth-moving and agricultural machinery. Already tested in the harshest environment keeping the engine protected and clean.


  • Its detergent-dispersant level improves engine cleaning, maintaining soot in suspension and avoiding deposits on piston rings.
  • As it is multigrade it facilitates cold starts preforming will in a wider range of temperatures.
  • Protects the engine from corrosion thanks to its carefully additive formulation.
  • Excellent antiwear properties which minimize friction.
  • Reduces lubricant consumption, particularly 20W-50 grade.

Quality Levels

  • API CF-4/CF/SG (20W-50)

Technical Data

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