Wax free naphtenic mineral oil for refrigerating compressors using freon, CFC, HCFC or NH3 as refrigerant gas. Lubricant with outstanding low pour point values to lubricate cylinders, bearings and seals of refrigerating compressors where enhanced cold properties are required. Very good miscibility behavior with refrigerants allowing a good oil return to the compressor (make sure evaporator temperature always higher than – 15 °C). Ice Oil is suitable for all type of industrial equipment requiring oils with a very low pour point.


  • Inherent low pour point without additives allows you to increase the performance in refrigerating compressor.
  • High resistance to oxidation due to having natural inhibitors.
  • High chemical stability.
  • Minimal formation of soot and varnish.
  • Low flocculation point.

Quality Levels

  • DIN 51503 KAA
  • ISO 6743 – 3B – DRA