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Repsol GXR Euro is a fully synthetic lubricant specially designed for vehicles with exhaust fume processing. It is carefully formulated to meet low ash content (Mid SAPS). This makes it suitable to be used in the latest technologies for current engines and additionally, protects the environment by reducing harmful particle emissions to a minimum. Furthermore, its fully synthetic nature and outstanding anti-oxidant capability enable the lubricant to perform exceedingly well at extended drain intervals.


  • Recommended for petrol and diesel vehicles with and without turbo-compressors which have various after-treatment devices.
  • Its carefully selected additives provide adequate anti-wear protection for high-performance engines.
  • Low fuel consumption due to its fully synthetic nature and viscosity range.
  • Long-life product, enabling oil change periods to be significantly extended without impacting on engine cleanliness.
  • Its excellent viscosity rating, multi-grade property enhances cold start performance in a wide range of temperatures
  • It will exert less stress on lubricant pumps due to its good pumpability feature. On ignition, the time taken for the film to form is reduced, significantly reduce wear and increase engine life.

Quality Levels

  • ACEA C3

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