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Repsol GXR 7 is a multi-grade lubricant formulated with a high performance additive technology. Designed to exceed the highest quality standards in the market, the product keeps engines clean and protected. Its highly refined base stocks combined with antioxidant additives increases oil drain intervals, provides better lubricity and enhances cleanliness in the engine. This product is highly suitable for gasoline engines with the most stringent quality standards.


  • A high TBN reservoir makes this lubricant particularly suitable for use with fuels with high biodiesel or sulfur content. Any damage to the engine that may be caused by the acids in the combustion chamber will be minimized and kept minimal.
  • The lubricant exhibits high antioxidant property improving oil drain intervals.
  • It shows good thermal stability, keeping its viscosity the same at high engine temperatures
  • Its high detergent-dispersant level keeps engine parts clean by controlling the sludge formation during

Quality Levels

  • API SN

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