Gas holder lubricant for sealing the gas tanks used in metallurgy, coal gas, and petrochemical industries. Its Highly refined mineral oil and combined with antioxidant additives allows the lubricant to create a stable layer of product along the tank surface to seal the top of the tank, without any kind of adverse effect due to the interface gas/lubricant. Outstanding water separating performance to avoid emulsions, keeping the viscosity stable along its use. Thickness agent to improve the seal and unique unctuousness to cover all the gaps avoiding leaks of gas.


  • Excellent antioxidant stability. ISO 100 has reach more than 3 years performing successfully in the application.
  • Exceptional rust resistance.
  • Easy Water Split from lubricant to guarantee the same viscosity along its use.
  • Good unctuousness to avoid leaks.

Quality Levels

  • ISO 6743/2 – FC
  • DIN 51517/ – CL
  • Already approved by some of the major metallurgic companies in Europe.

Technical Data

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