Synthetic blend multigrade lubricant oil recommended for petrol and diesel car engines, whether equipped with a catalyst or not. Its main characteristics include its resistance to shearing. It provides excellent service on the road, motorway and in the city. ELITE SUPER 20W-50 meets the demands of the main car manufacturers, and in addition to having the right viscosity to work at high temperatures, it is characterized by its low consumption and good detergent and dispersant properties.

• Engine tests conducted to pass the quality levels of MB group manufacturers ensure engine cleanliness throughout the oil use period.
• Good protection against oil oxidation, preventing the formation of lacquers or varnishes.
• Maintains adequate viscosity at high temperatures, and the nature of its base oils leads to low lubricant consumption.
• Specially recommended for high mileage vehicles due to its excellent behavior against friction at high temperature, and its reduced consumption.

Quality Levels
• ACEA A3/B4
• MB 229.1

Technical Data

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