Synthetic lubricant with the exclusive 3E Technology formulation, designed to offer the best protection for the engine without compromising on high efficiency. Developed for use in petrol car engines. Its synthetic components provide it with high chemical stability and together with its extraordinary performance allow for longer oil change intervals. Recommended for American and Asian vehicles.

• Complies with the stringent API SN quality requirements for modern engines that require greater protection against high temperatures.
• Suitable for some diesel vehicles that do not have particulate filters (DPF) and for those that have demanding oxidation requirements.
• Minimum lubricant consumption, lower than other products of a similar viscosity, as its composition includes low volatility synthetic base oils.
• 3E Technology (Excellent Engine Efficiency): technology that offers excellent protection of the engine against the formation of deposits at high temperature, greater control of sludge and compatibility with gaskets. This helps to keep the engine cleaner and increases its durability.

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