Repsol DXR 7 is a high performance diesel engine oil that protects diesel engines operating in severe conditions for both on and off highway applications. This product delivers excellent performance in both modern and older diesel engines. It is highly recommended for a wide range of heavy-duty applications and operating environments typically in the trucking, mining, construction, quarry and agricultural industries.


  • Its high detergent-dispersant level supports engine cleaning, maintains soot in suspension, and prevents piston deposit formation.
  • Its multi-grade property enhances cold start performance in a wide range of temperatures; and its high shear stability keeps the viscosity stable, ensuring proper lubrication.
  • Its carefully selected additives protect the engine from corrosion
  • A high TBN reservoir makes this lubricant particularly suitable for use with fuels with high biodiesel or sulfur content.
  • Its robust formulation provides a great thermal and oxidation stability, extending the drain oil interval.

Quality Levels

  • API CH-4 / SJ

Technical Data

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