Repsol DXR 5 is a mineral grade engine oil designed to protect the engine against rust and wear. Robust and balanced formulation that helps to keep optimal performance even in the harshest environment. Provides extra protection for engines working with high biodiesel content in the fuel. Its high detergency power removes deposits and sludge from the engine keeping the engine safe from seizure.


  • Its high detergent-dispersant content enhances engine cleaning, maintains soot in suspension, minimize deposits on piston rings.
  • Facilitates cold starts; performs well in a wider range of temperatures.
  • Protects the engine from corrosion due to its carefully selected additives.
  • High TBN reservoir to protect the engine against rust from acids generated during the combustion. A unique formulation with high quality base oils and balanced additive control improves the oil drain intervals, extending to wide selection of fuels including Biofuels,

Quality Levels

  • API CF-4

Technical Data

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