Multigrade lubricant recommended for all types of diesel engines, both naturally aspirated and forced induction. The oil is formulated with additives that strengthen the detergent and dispersant power to ensure a cleaner engine. It exceeds the requirements of the most demanding engine manufacturers.


  • Multigrade oil facilitating ignition at cold temperatures and reducing metal wear in the engine.
  • Its extraordinary detergent-dispersant power avoids the formation of sludge when cold and eliminates lubricant duct and oil filter clogging.
  • Disperses sludge, combustion residue and rust, stops the formation of deposits in segments and varnishes at high temperatures.
  • Its alkaline reserve (TBN) provides protection over long periods of use by neutralizing the acids formed in the combustion of diesels with different Sulphur content.
  • Avoids polishing cylinder jackets, so typical in high-power supercharged engines.
  • Maintains the right level of pressure for all working conditions.

Quality Levels

  • API /CH-4/SJ
  • ACEA E7/E5
  • MAN 3275
  • CUMMINS 20076/20077
  • MB 228.3
  • Deutz DQC II
  • MTU 2.0
  • CAT ECF-1a

Technical Data

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