Maximum performance, high-quality multigrade lubricant oil. Recommended for naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines, especially suitable for industrial vehicles (buses, trucks, public works and agriculture). Maximum protection against wear in high mileage engines. Its viscosity maximizes the output power thanks to the improved seal effect in combustion chamber.


  • Multigrade oil, which reduces metal wear in the engine. Can be used in the most demanding weather
  • Its alkaline reserve (TBN) enables it to protect the engine against corrosion by neutralizing the acids
    from the combustion of diesels with different Sulphur content and biodiesel. Already tested in engines
    burning high amount of biodiesel in the fuel.
  • It maintains the proper pressure at any temperature and in all working conditions.
  • Proper product for city and public works services with change intervals according with engine
  • Its detergent-dispersant power keep soot in suspension, good cleanliness through cold engine parts
    even with long drain oil intervals.

Quality Levels

  • API CF-4
  • ACEA E2

Technical Data

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