Repsol Circulacion is a premium quality rust and oxidation inhibited lubricant formulated using carefully hydrotreated Group II base oils and balanced additives to provide the proper resistance to oxidation and excellent demulsifying capacity. Specially developed to lubricate rolling mill bearings where the moisture in the environment is especially high. Repsol Circulacion has outstanding demulsibility and allow water to be shed from the oil. The water may be removed by centrifuge from the system, protecting the equipment against corrosion, poor lubrication and premature wear. Repsol Circulacion is highly recommended in non-EP applications where the water separation is a critical issue. It exceeds Morgan MORGOIL specification.


  • Superior oxidation resistance under high operation temperatures.
  • Longer drain oil intervals and outstanding varnish and sludge build up control.
  • Very good protection against rust, preventing steel corrosion.
  • High de-emulsifying capacity (quick separation from water).
  • Good antifoaming characteristics.
  • Resistance to the rupture of the lubricant film.

Quality Levels

  • ISO 6743/2 – FC
  • DIN 51517 Part 2 -CL
  • DIN 51524 – HL
  • AGMA 9005 for inhibited (R&O) oils

Technical Data

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