These oils are obtained from carefully selected paraffinic bases to which specific additives are added to endow them with marked extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. Therefore, in addition to having a high viscosity index, these oils are highly resistant to oxidation and have excellent demulsifying capacity, easily attaining load step 10 in the FZG test. These oils are typically used to lubricate bearings by circulation subject to very severe service conditions, including water contamination, normally used in rolling mills. Their characteristics also make them suitable for lubricating industrial dividers not subject to shock loads, only medium loads. These oils, despite their EP additives, remain innocuous in the presence of metals, for which they can be used to lubricate large-diameter slow-speed plain bearings by means of drip feed, oil bath or oil ring lubrication. In their lowest level of viscosity, these oils are also used to lubricate medium-speed ball or roller bearings


  • High viscosity index.
  • Low pour point.
  • Low level of soot.
  • Excellent water separation.
  • Excellent anti-rust properties.
  • Marked extreme pressure properties.

Quality Levels

  • Exceeds ISO 6743/2 – FC levels
  • DIN 51517 Part 3-CLP
  • Load capacity equivalent to that required by DIN 51524 part 2-HLP

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