Top tier turbine lubricant developed to meet and exceed the demands of latest high efficiency gas turbine systems. Repsol Aries Turbogas CC exhibits exceptional antioxidant resistant under extremely high oxidative conditions, providing enhanced equipment protection and extending oil drain intervals. Showing outstanding bench test results in TOST and RPVOT, the premium turbine oil demonstrates this property by extending service life, providing large savings to plant maintenance budget. The excellent sludge and varnish control allow the lubricant to perform in the turbine bearings at high temperature, with minimal deposits build up. It has a balanced formulation with EP properties to lubricate the gearbox coupled in the turbine shaft. Gathering all the key features this lubricant can provide such as strong resistance to oxidation, good deposit control and long drain oil interval, Repsol offers enhanced anti-wear protection for such heavy load equipment, helping our customers to maintain the optimum operating condition under very challenging situations.


  • Extremely good results in antioxidant bench test.
    TOST life: ASTM D 943 Time to TAN = 2.0 > 10000 hours. (GE 32568 F request 7000 hours)
    Oxidation stability RPVOT ASTM D 2272 – 1300 min (GE 32568 F request 500 min)
  • Excellent rust resistance.
  • Exceptional antifoaming and air release capacity to avoid cavitation
  • High performance in pumpability.
  • High load capacity to prevent wear in the gearbox coupled in turbine shaft (FZG 10).
  • Easy Water Split from lubricant in case of water ingress situations.

Quality Levels

  • GEK 101941 A & 28143b
  • GEK 32 568 F
  • Siemens / KWU TLV 9013/04 and 9013/05 –
  • BS 489 (CIGRE)
  • Alstom HTGD 90 117
  • DIN 51515 Part 2 L-TGP
  • ISO 8068 L-TGSE
  • SOLAR ES 9-224Y Class II

Technical Data

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