Sekolah Lentera Kasih Bali - Lollypop Preschool Bali

Sekolah Lentera Kasih seeks to provide a nurturing and challenging environment for our nation’s future leaders. We strive to develop and provide a constantly growing educational program dedicated to academic excellence and character building. We believe that every student is a unique and valuable individual, who deserves the best educational opportunities in his/her life. Students must have the right to express their expectations in learning and develop to their best potential. Furthermore, education must foster not only the academic and intellectual, but also the social, moral-ethical, emotional and spiritual growth. We believe that students excel in a nurturing environment that fosters: love of learning, relationship building, and self-motivation. We believe that the most effective educational system requires a dedicated and interactive group of students, parents, teachers and the community. We believe that the best educators are the parents and teachers, who are in tune with the needs and emotional development of the children. The teachers must work closely with the families & community. Parents’ involvement is vital in the teaching-learning process. The interaction amongst the educators and the students must be governed by Godly values and strong moral virtues.

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