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By formulating our products using carefully selected chemicals and hydrotreated base oils, we optimize the lubricant’s performance in 3 key areas:

Wear protection: XR Tech is a reinforced anti wear chemistry, designed to reduce the wear in all the critical areas in the engine. A protective oil film is generated between metal parts to prevent rubbing, thus improving performance and reducing the metallic wear under differ- ent engine operating conditions. Up to 30% less wear in cylinder liner found in Mack T-10 bench test.

Engine Cleanliness: XR Tech uses dispersant additives that keep soot particles in suspension and control sludge build-up, thus preventing blockage in engine parts with tighter toler- ances. This way, it manages to enhance the performance of the oil during the drain inter- val, effectively extending the lubricant’s life so it can protect the engine better and for a longer time.

Oil durability: XR Tech makes use of highly refined base oils combined with carefully selected additives, which results in lubricants with improved oxidation control. An engine oil more resistant to oxidation maintains its properties for a longer time, and thus is able to ensure optimum protection during the whole drain interval.

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