Our Technology Lab, at the forefront of Europe

Our researchers develop the products you’ll be using tomorrow for your business, car, or motorcycle with you in mind.

Repsol Technology Lab

Lubricants are essential for maintaining engines in optimal condition. That’s why our scientists from the Lubricants Laboratory at the Repsol Technology Lab research, test, analyze, and create substances that protect the environment.

Our researchers are always on the lookout for any technological innovation that could contribute to improving our lubricants even further. Our aim: to increasingly provide more protection for engines and their components, inside cars and other machinery, to get them operating more effectively, and to reduce pollution.

Research and testing happens at the Repsol Technology Lab: the core of research and development at Repsol. Opened in 2002, it has brought together under one roof, both physically and strategically, the four centers that previously existed separately. The Repsol Technology Lab is at the forefront of Europe and works on strategic projects aimed at creating energy systems that are more environmentally sustainable and efficient, thus responding to society’s needs..

Technology at the environment’s service.

At Repsol, one of our greatest concerns is the environment. That’s why much of our work in research is done to create products that promote sustainable development. How do we do this? By developing less viscous products that help engines use less fuel. In addition, by being as environmentally friendly as possible, we can develop new components with enhanced resistance to aging, to give final products a longer lifespan. This helps us to reduce the use of raw materials and produce less hazardous waste, such as used oil. We also actively research how to create new molecules to replace those traditionally used in oils in order to reduce polluting emissions in vehicles.

Our other areas of innovation include using components to produce oils from the refining of used oils as well as biodegradable lubricants, which are intended to reduce the impact on the environment in the event of an accidental spill.

Safety and the steps we take

Another priority in all our operations is safety. At our work centers and lubricant production centers, we are required to follow applicable regulations and our policy on health, safety, the environment, and quality, which establishes the fundamental principles in these fields, which are as strict as they are precise. In order to achieve this policy’s objectives, strategies and action programs are developed.

At the Lubricants business unit, we are committed to performing our activities, prioritizing safety, health, the environment, and quality. To this end, we support programs that promote and strengthen these points, ensuring that the entire team acts in accordance with the principles established to provide added value to customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and partners. Additionally, we have established the following principles:

  • Participative, Integrated, and Comprehensive Management System. 

  • Integrated Management and Leadership.

  • Compliance with Regulations. 

  • Continuous Improvement and a Commitment to Excellence.

  • Criteria for safety, health, and the environment throughout the operational cycle.

  • Communication: Our policy is disseminated through all levels of the organization so all of the business unit’s staff can familiarize themselves with it, understand it, accept it, and put it into practice. Every single one of us in the business unit is responsible for complying with this policy and ensuring everyone who takes part in its operations also complies with it.