Repsol Industrial Oils

Top performing lubricants for industrial applications to facilitate bigger savings for your business

Our lubricants comply with the strictest quality standards and norms. Because we know they are a key piece to ensuring your business operates soundly.


They guarantee the best lubrication for your equipment and provide the required strength and reliability, even when working in extreme conditions.

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The key to keeping compressors operating efficiently.


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Industrial Gear

Our lubricants have exceptional anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, demulsification, and anti-foam properties, as well as a high load capacity.

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Heat Transfer

Heat transfer fluids with excellent resistance to oxidation. For use in closed circuits.

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Lubricants that provide the strength and reliability required by large bearings.

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Designed to protect from corrosion and wear and minimize the formation of varnish.

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Special Applications

At Repsol, we can develop a range of customized products aimed at meeting the high demands and peculiarities of the industry.

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