Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information on Lubricants

Basic Concept

Hydraulic fluid is important for the functioning of the car’s hydraulic system, which controls the power steering, clutch, and brakes. Leaks can occur due to the age and wear of the hoses or seals, damage caused by foreign objects or accidents, or leaks in the hydraulic fluid tank or in the master cylinder. If there is a leak, there may be a loss of pressure and it may negatively affect the safety and performance of the car, so it is important to take it to a mechanic to revise and repair it if necessary.

Others Fluids & Oils

Automatic transmission oil is essential for the proper functioning of the gearbox. It lubricates and cools down the moving parts of the transmission, which prevents wear and excessive friction between them. Moreover, automatic transmission oil also helps to transfer the engine’s power to the vehicle’s wheels more efficiently, which allows a better performance and greater durability of the transmission system. It is important to change the automatic transmission oil as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to maintain proper functioning and prevent costly breakdowns in the future.